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Super League KO Pairs Rules


To create a repeatable, non dependant product that delivers a faster flowing, innovative format, striking a balance between skill and unpredictability, that keeps everyone's involvement in each game and the tournament till the end.


This is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION style tournament - you have to lose twice to be eliminated, except for the Winner, Runner Up & 4 Play Off Winners. After your first loss you revert to the PLAYOFFS, after your second loss you are ELIMINATED with the exception of any RUN FLATs that may need to be invoked in the event of drop outs.


32 entries with a £30 entry fee a team. There will be no refunds once a payment is made   

Teams can be of any gender combination and need not be a member of any club. One reserve is permitted per team at any point during the day. Any team member may change their bowls once during any given game. This change must be notified to the opposition before the jack is rolled on the end the change is requested to be made. Once a request is verbally made, it cannot be retracted.


Prize money based will be pro rata the 32 entry figures with additional examples below. The Final Confirmed Prize Pot will be shown on the draw sheet.

32 Entries*

Winners £650

Runners Up £250

4 Play Offs Winners £70

* Prize money above is the minimum based on entry fees and sponsor, this may increase if more sponsors come forward


  • 3 bowl pairs format with 2  trial ends on the 1st Round sessions only  

  • All rounds  will be  2 sets of 5 ends & TB (if required). The last end of each set counting as DOUBLE SHOTS. No ends to be re-spotted on the 2M respot. All jacks to be rolled

  • If the spot is partly or completely covered by a bowl, the jack should be placed as close as possible to the covered spot, in line with that spot and the corresponding spot at the opposite end of the rink, without touching a bowl. In other words, the jack would be placed in front of the bowl occupying the spot, as seen from the mat, on the centre line of the rink.

  • Leads may not visit the head, skips are not permitted to visit the head until after they have played their 2nd bowl. Generally visiting the head should be kept to a minimum.

  • Please be available to play 30 minutes before any of your session start times, as they may alter at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Any team not ready for play 5 minutes are after the allotted start time of a session due to absence, will concede a walkover to the other team.

  • All the ends in both sets are to be played UNLESS the whole game is being conceded in which case not all the ends are required to be played in the 2nd set (see TB choice of jack rule as to why). 

  • The winner of a set shall receive 1 point the loser 0. Drawn sets shall be scored 0.5 points each. Matches will be won in 2 sets by margins of 2:0 or 1.5:0.5. A game resulting in two drawn sets (0.5:0.5) or 1 set all (1:1) will require a 1 end Tie Break  (TB). In the event of two drawn sets there will be a toss for choice of the jack on the TB end. In a game which has ended 1 set all (1 :1) the team winning by the aggregate score over the 2 sets shall have choice of the jack on the TB end. If level on aggregate, the choice of the jack will again be decided by a toss of the coin.

  • There will be no official umpire in attendance and as such, play will be officiated between the teams, as at local club level and in-keeping with good sportsmanship and spirit of the game. Referral measures to be conducted by a neutral person - i.e. another player or spectator. Their decision shall be final.

  • All matches shall take place on the rinks, in accordance with the schedule. The Tournament Director reserves the right to make alterations to the pre formatted rink scheduling during the latter stages, in an attempt to ensure rinks are not played on twice by only one of the teams, in the interest of fairness.

  • In the event of any dispute, the Tournament Directors decision shall be final


  • The Tournament Director for this event is RHYS LEE- 07946708779    


In the event of any drop outs or shortfall to the 32 team structure of the event and to maximise game time the 'Run flat' system will be introduced.

In the event of a 'BYE' occurring in Session 1, the Session 1 loser without an opponent in Session 3, will play a Session 2 loser as follows; S3 Rk2 v L1-16, S3 Rk4 v L1-13, S3 Rk5 v L1-12, S3 Rk7 v L1-9. Neither team will be eliminated after this game. The winner progressing via the route from this game, the loser progressing by taking the, loser from Session 2 position in Session 4.

In the event of a 'BYE' occurring in Session 2, the Session 2 loser without an opponent in Session 4, will play the loser from the Session 3 Play Off  game, who should have been eliminated as follows; S4 Rk2 v Loser S3 Rk5, S4 Rk4 v Loser S3 Rk7, S4 Rk5 v Loser S3 Rk2, S4 Rk7 v Loser S3 Rk4 The losing team of this game team will be eliminated. The winner progressing via the route from this game.

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