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A message from your President

Dear all,

Here we are at the start of another season at last, the winter seems to have been long

lasting. To all of you who have kept the club going over the closed season, be you greenkeeper, barperson, officer, committee member or those who has kept the bingo going you have all given time to the club for which we should all be thankful, well done.

Next year when the new clubhouse will be open I hope more members will find some time to help.

Those of you playing competitions whether club, county or other do your best but remember there can only be one winner It’s no disgrace to lose, enjoy the game and learn from the experience.

To our Donna, picked to play for England in her second International coming up in June, I am sure you all want to wish her good bowling and a wonderful experience.

Please remember the friendly games, the lifeblood of any bowls club, although we may be

a little short of members we have enough players to cover all our weekend friendlies

So please get your names down.

Socially things are difficult at the temporary buildings we are using at this time but I

would like to see more inter-action between members. We are after all a club, my Interpretation of the word club is:

Comradeship-Loyalty-Unity-Benevolence. Get to know your fellow members be loyal to

them and the club, united we can overcome any problems and be understanding and

caring to any member having trouble whether health, home, work or other, a kind word

can make a lot of difference. Tony Alcock writes in the may issue of Bowls International

magazine and puts it better than I can so I quote “A bowls club gives those that enter it

a place to go and something to do. Our clubs are about community and competition and

when carefully balanced and maintained can be the most loyal caring and extensive

family of all “ unquote. So be it.

Finally I welcome all new members to Bletchley Town. I hope you will be made to feel welcome and soon call our club - your club.

Enjoy your season


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