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Drage Raises the Ruth in Top Club Victory

Top Club Joy

Top club last evening at Gerrards cross Some team members left work early so thanks to their boss The weather was cold and slightly grey But on to the green the girls must play. Our opponents this time are from West Ealing Our supporters have a slightly nervous feeling. First to finish was our singles girl Don Who didn't take long and got the game won First point for the Town and a great beginning But at this point no one else was winning. The pairs started slow and were quite a few adrift Before a big 5 gave them a lift 17 all with just 4 ends to play Unfortunately this point drifted away. Its now 1 all and the game hangs on a wire Lets hope we can draw this no need to fire. The girls in the triples all played great To watch the end of this game I could not wait 2 shots behind 1 end to play This game could go either way Holding 3 and all looks great!! Oh wait....... The Ealing skip, just gives it a wack Hits a short bowl straight onto the jack 1 down now 3 bowls left to bowl. Unfortunately Vicky just slips through the hole. This point goes to the Middlesex side All on the fours now no place to hide!! The fours were behind from the start But the Bletchley girls showed some heart. They came back so well to get all square To lose this now would be a nightmare 17 all with just 2 ends left on the game Ruth stands on the mat before she takes aim. She bowls her bowl nice and free She trails the jack we pick up THREE!!! 3 shots up last end to play Win this now we could go all the way. The end started well with woods on the jack All Ealing's bowls are round the back The opposition skip give it a hit Oh no we are in the .......!! Were a couple shots down what can Ruth do She draws the shot woooooo hooooooo!!!! 1 bowl to play as we all look on She get the jack but leaves us one So Bletchley win 74-68 This winning feeling sure is great Thanks to everyone from Gerrards cross Commiserations Ealing for your loss On to the next one let hope the girls stay this hot A team from Berkshire called Didcot!!! Time for me to go on such a high One word left to say GOODBYE

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