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BTBC Membership 2020 and 2021 Seasons

On 6th July 2020 the BTBC committee made the following decision on membership to cover the problems of club usage over covid-19.

Membership paid for the 2020 season will now roll over to also cover the 2021 season and expire end of February 2022.

New members wanting to bowl or join the club in the 2020 season will pay the normal rates and these will also continue over to the 2021 season.

There will be no discounted membership during the remainder of 2020 season from 6th July 2020 onward. A decision on discounted membership for new members for i.e. 2021 open day will be made at the appropriate time.

Members can change membership type at present i.e. from social to bowling by simply paying the difference in fees and these will continue to 2021 as well.

There will be no refund on membership i.e. going from full bowling member down to social member at this present time.

Membership costs remain as passed at the November 2019 agm.


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