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Membership Renewal 2022/23

Our membership renewal day will be on Sunday 13th February from 1300 to 15.30 at the clubhouse.

If you cannot make the day you can apply by filling out the form with a cheque payable to Bletchley Town Bowls Club and put it in the club mailbox for the attention of the secretary or send it to the address at the bottom. You can do this now in advance until renewal day if you cannot make the 13th.

You can also enclose any club competition entries.

If using a BACS transfer to pay, put your name in the reference and say BACS Transfer on the membership form.

Also if you have ordered the new club shorts and trousers they will also be available to collect on the day.

On the day you can pay by cash, card or cheque.

Membership applications after 13th February may be subject to filling in the full application form.

Club address and BACS Transfer details are;

Bletchley town Bowls Club. 48a Princes Way, Bletchley. MK2 2ER

Sort code 20-57-40

Bank Account 20179396


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