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Mens Buckinghamshire County Presentation

Today was the Buckinghamshire County Presentation held at Chartridge Park Golf Club in Chesham.

This was a great event celebrating all of the Bucks prize winners for 2019.

Here are some awesome pictures of the Bletchley guys with all their trophies to prove what a season we have had.

A special congratulations to Nathan Nimmo for being selected as the Bucks u25 player of the year.

Roll of Honour

Bucks Cup Winners

Singles Finalist - Rhys Lee

Pairs Champions - Nathan Nimmo & Ben Butlin

Pairs Finalists - Mal Drage & Dean Brookes

Triples Champions - Rhys Lee Dean Brookes & Mal Drage

Fours Finalists - Rob McConnell Dave Clay Dave West & Gerry Smyth

U25 Singles Champion - Nathan Nimmo

U25 Player of the Year - Nathan Nimmo

Ben Triples Finalists - Mike Bodman Dave West & Rhys Lee

National o55 Pairs Winners - Dave Labrum & Mal Drage


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