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Presentation of Trophies

The club presentation night together with food and disco will be at the bowls club on Saturday 26th March from 7.15 to Midnight.

The night is not just for the presentations to those attending the event, but a fun night to welcome the new season just around the corner.

The bar will be manned by people not part of the membership so no volunteers are needed.

You will need to reserve tickets and at the same time select the food choices for each person via a form on the social board at the club.

Price is £10 per ticket which pays for the disco, bar cover and food choice (all with chips - Battered Cod, 2 x Sausages, Steak and Kidney Pie, 2 x Fish Cake, 2 x Battered Sausage, Cheese and Onion Pasty or Veggie Burger)


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