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Super League 2 - Match Day 1


Super League 2 kicked off last night and after a few late changes we managed to get going with 24 players.

Game 1 kicked off at 6pm and the only team to pick up maximum points were the WARRIORS who consist of Gareth Doyle, Mike Bodman and Don Savage who beat the VIKINGS 8-2 8-1.

Only one tie break in the first session where the DREAM TEAM took on the HOT SHOTS, The HOT SHOTS took the first set 9-1 and the DREAM TEAM bounced back to win the second set 4-3 but the HOT SHOTS of Peter Jackson, Donna Brookes and Lloyd Sabatini held their nerve to win the deciding end.

After a short break and some refreshments Game 2 got under way no tie breaks needed in this session as all the games won 2 sets to nil. With the VIKINGS Ian Hodges, Tom McEvaddy (sub for Rob McConnell) and Dean Brookes the only team without a point in game 1 picking up a maximum of 3 points against TEAM LIGHTNING.

The WARRIORS continued like Warriors taking out the NINJAS 11-1 5-4 to secure top spot a match day 1.


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