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Super League 3 - Update

Just a quick heads up - there's been a change in the county calendar and now there's a round of men's county pairs on Thursday 11th May, which was supposed to be our last day of the Super League. So, we've decided to move the last day of the Super League to Wednesday 10th May. Hope that's still good for everyone.

If you're curious about who you'll be teamed up with for the Super League, swing by the club on Friday 28th April from 7.30pm to witness the draw. It's gonna be a real nail-biter, so don't miss out.

Dates for the diary

Friday 28th April – Super League Draw

Tuesday 2nd May – Super League Round 1 and 2

Thursday 4th May – Super League Round 3 and 4

Tuesday 9th May – Super League Round 5 and 6

Wednesday 10th May – Super League Round 7 and Grand Final


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