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Super League Grand Final!

So the first Bletchley Town Pairs Super League came to its conclusion last night. A beautiful evening and perfect setting for such excitement, with 3 teams in with a chance of making the "Grand Final" however with the honours on the line the nerves kicked in as all 3 teams lost their first set, meaning they had to win the second set to keep their Super League hopes alive.

McConnell and Nimmo were first to finish but lost a close tie break against Sue Brookes and Dave Labrum, however at this point they were still in second place. As this game was coming to its conclusion Maughan and Clay were playing a Tie Break in their game. If they win the tie break they are in the Grand Final if they lose it they finish in 3rd place. With one bowl left they are one down, Dave Clay steps on to the mat with all the eyes of the club on him. To everyone's surprise he managed to bowl a bomb and finished with a front toucher securing his place in the final. I am sure that if you ask him about the bowl he will be more than happy to talk you through it.

With these results in the bag and with Line and Squires winning the second set against Davey and West the tie break in that game was insignificant as they had already secured their place in the final. Line and Squires did take the Tie Break meaning that they remained undefeated during the league stage.

On to the final Line and Squires took an early lead 6-2 after the first 4 ends however with double points available on the last end 2 shots would be good enough to earn a tie. The end developed well for Maughan and Clay and they were holding two with a chance of a 3 to come from the death to steal the set. Unfortunately Clay was a bit heavy with his last bowl and moved the jack meaning they only collected 1 doubled up to 2 meaning Line and Squires pick up the first set.

The second set was the opposite to the first set with Maughan and Clay taking a 5-1 lead in to the last end however having won the first set Line and Squires only needed 2 shots double upped to 4 to draw this set to clinch the title. A high quality end saw Squires holding the two he needed with one bowl from Clay to come. Again bowled a great bowl but pulled up a foot short.

After much deliberation and a few minutes of finger work from Squires knowing he had the fall back of the Tie Break he decided not to bowl his last bowl and the Super League title came down to a measure. After a nervous measure this was the right decision as they collected the two shots needed. Sparking celebrations and a standing ovation from the large crowd that had assembled.


In conclusion thank you to everyone that took part and bought in to the Super League format it really came together well. We will look to run this event again so look out for more details .......


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