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Super League - Night 3

Night 3 of the Super League was not the sunny evening we had all wished for, but the weather did not dampen the excitement as 8 quality games took place.

Squires and Line head to the top of the table with two tie break wins firstly against Allman and Smyth and then against Squires and Lee.

McConnell and Nimmo move in to the top two and a step closer to making next weeks Grand Final with impressive wins over Bodman and Sabatini in the first session and then week 2 leaders Maughan and Clay.

All to play for in next weeks first session as 3 teams can still make the final, which sets up a great evening of bowls.

Schedule for next week (Times are approx.)

6pm play commences in session 1

7pm calculation of league positions to confirm finalists

7.05pm Grand Final commences

8.15pm presentation of prizes

We hope for a nice evening and teams can stay to watch the final to create a good atmosphere for the players

Spectators very welcome.

View League Table (after double checking the cards there has been an alteration at the bottom of the league after last night first draft apologies for any distress caused by this)


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