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Bletchley Town Success at County Finals

A great weekend for Bletchley Town bowlers at the Buckinghamshire County Finals held at Chesham. A great achievement to have 12 different players taking part.

Under 25 Pairs

Nathan Nimmo and his partner Jamie Seymour took on the Jaycock brothers from Chesham Broadway, in a very competitive game Seymour and Nimmo took an early lead winning 11-5 at 11 ends and 17-13 at 15 ends. The young brothers were just 3 behind with and end to play but the experience of Seymour and Nimmo saw them through to win the title and will now represent Buckinghamshire at the National Championships.

Unbadged Singles

Tom McEvaddy was making his debut on finals day and he took to it like a duck to water, in the semi final he was drawn against L Newman from Burnham after being 2-3 early on Tom put the after burners on to lead 12-4 then 15-7 to eventually win 21-7.

In the final he played S Churcher from Broadway and his good form continued as he stormed in to a 16-2 lead in no time at all Tom was relentless as he lead 20-4 and then got over the line winning 21-4

Ladies Under 25 Singles

In the Ladies Under 25 Singles Shannon Maughan took on Megan Higgins from Waddesdon, in what was described as the game of the weekend this high standard game was very nip and tuck Shannon leading 5-4, 12-8, 13-10, 14-11 before stretching her lead to 19-12. Megan started to come back 19-14, 19-15, 19-17 eventually the game was tied at 20 all. Shannon held her nerve to win 21-20. and will now represent Buckinghamshire at the National Championships

Men's County Singles

In the blue ribbon event in the Men's championships Alex Squires took on Michael Gomme from Gerrards Cross, with both players making their first appearance in the final there was going to be a new name on the cup. Alex slipped behind early as Gomme took a 4-1 lead, Alex found his form to lead 5-4 and the game was very close from here on in, 10-11, 11-13, 14 all, 15 all Alex then won the next three ends to lead 17-15, 19-15 then 20-15. Gomme then picked up a single to leave the score 20-16. Alex then picked up the 1 he needed to win the Men's County Singles 21-16 and is the first winner in this event from Bletchley Town since Malcolm Drage in 2014 and will now represent Buckinghamshire at the National Championships

Men's County Pairs

2019 Champions Nathan Nimmo and Ben Butlin took on Matt Hyde and Andrew Briden from Gerrards Cross. Hyde and Briden took the lead as our boys trailed 2-6 @ 4 ends and 5-13 @9 they got back to 6 behind at 13 ends but unfortunately dropped a 3 on the 14th end to trail 10-19. This was too much to come back from and the Gerrards Cross pair took the title.

Men's County Triples

Ian Hodges (sub for Dave Clay), Gerry Smyth and Dave West were faced against Gerrards Cross trio of David Ross, Tim Godman and Richard Reid (sub for Kirk Smith). In a very close game. Our boys fell behind early 0-6 but clawed it back to lead 7-6 @ 7 ends with the scores at 8 all Gerrards had a good end to pick up 4 to lead 12-8. We did not give in and fort back again to trail by 1 at 16 ends but again fell 4 behind playing the last end. The Gerrards Cross held on to win the Championships

Men's County Fours

Dave Labrum, Rhys Lee Dean Brookes and Mal Drage took on 4 from Waddesdon, Bletchley picked up 1 on the first end but then dropped a 6 on the 2nd end and a 3 on the 4th end to trail 2-9. Ends were then exchanged but our boys still trailed 9-15 at 10 ends. "The Town" then strung a sequence of winning 6 ends out of 7 to lead by 1 with the scores 17-16 at 17 ends. The last end was managed well as we picked up a 2 to win the game and the title 19-16 and will now represent Buckinghamshire at the National Championships.

Men's Two Wood Singles

This was an all Bletchley affair where Nathan Nimmo took on Lloyd Sabatini in the final after they both defeated Gerrards Cross opponents in the semi finals Andrew Briden and Dave Simpson respectively. The final was a high class game Lloyd leading 6-5 @ 7, 10-6 @ 11 with Lloyd leading 15-12 at 18 Nathan needed to win the end to extend the game but Lloyd managed to pick up 2 to win the title 17-12 and will now represent Buckinghamshire at the National Championships.

All in all a very successful weekend, on behalf of BTBC we would like to thank Steve Goff and Cathy Clark from Bucks Bowls for running the Competitions and President Peter French. All the umpires and marker at the quarter finals semi finals and finals. Also a big thank you to Chesham and all their members there for making the finals day run so smoothly.

Finally we on behalf of all the players we would like to thank all the Bletchley Town supporters that came to Chesham over the weekend this support is noticed and certainly appreciated.


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